SM Publicist Pens An Open Letter to Arnold For Disrespecting Shatta Wale

A publicist of Shatta Wale, Shadrack Amonoo Crabe has penned an open letter to entertainment pundit and Civil Aviation employee, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo.

In a lengthy message, sighted by on his Facebook page, Amonoo sent the United Showbiz guest on United Television (UTV) to the cleaners for disrespecting his boss in the wake of his infamous clash with 1Don on the last edition of the show hosted by Nana Ama Mcbrown.

He posted; You Sit on National TV and Insult and Downplay Artist’s Brand and his sweat,All in the name of you being Entertainment Analyst. Just because the Artist released an address to pour out his Opinion on how to push Ghana Music Forward, He didn’t insult any of you, He didn’t disrespect any of you.

In fact He even commended you media people Before he started that Address, And instead of Discussing about it intelligently or even punching holes into it smartly, You were insulting the artist like he is a “Fool”He don’t know his left and right about Music.

You sat on a national TV and degraded an Artist who has really worked hard to reach this Far and Put Ghana Music on the world Map.You calling him names, Confuse and inconsistent, All because the artist only outlines some points He think he might help build the industry.

And because it was Shatta Wale Who faced such insults, some of you were stupidly and ignorantly praising Arnold, Yeahhh For insulting Shatta Wale! Because it’s shatta Wale!I bet you, you would’ve Sing different Song if this happened to be your Favorite Artist.

But since it’s Shatta Wale, Arnold is Right..Ghana entertainment panelists are fond of doing this,Instead of bringing something insightful and sensible on the table to discuss it on how to push this industry Forward, You’d see them sitting live on Air bashing Artists from Left to Right for Hours!

And the program would end with Zero Point Made!How many times have you see Nigeria Presenters and Panelists Disrespecting their Artists Live on Air?? Who talk Rubbish and attack issues Harshly pass Burna Boy, Naira Marley, Zlatan or Davido ??But have you ever see any of their entertainment Panelists Disrespecting them on air?They’ll rather been discussing about how More of their Artists Can Win Grammy.

But here in Ghana, it’s Different!Check most of the pundits whether on TV or the Radio, it’s Full of Bashing and insults Nkoaaaaa!! Nothing incisive!!You thrash and belittle someone’s Hardwork Brand on live TV show and if you meet the person the following Day, you were expecting him to laugh with you??I’m not saying Shatta wale was right for insulting you back Live on Air, But Charlie, Things don’t Go it that way these days!

We don’t disrespect Brother man Like that..You people maltreated him in this Industry in the “Bandana Days” and he has come back in this “Shatta Wale Era” with Nonsense mindset, If you try to step wrongly on his Brand, He’ll definitely give you what you deserve!

Next time when you’re Disrespecting Artists, You’ll Skip the name Shatta Wale! Shatta wale Just smartly returned the same package to Arnold, The Same package Arnold Gave to him last week on the same Show.

And now you people are Going mad over it! Calling shatta wale “Childish” You should’ve call Arnold to order when he was doing the same sh!t to Shatta Wale for No Reason! Don’t put your brother in a Pain You know you can’t Endure.

At the end of the day, You’re All Humans with Emotions..It’s high time some of these Entertainment Analysts learn that, Artist are Not ROBOTS!!”

His post caught Shatta Wale’s attention who in turn reposted it on his Facebook page.


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