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Singer Yemi Alade Says The Poor Is Getting Poorer In Nigeria And Calls Out CBN For Its Dollar Policy Affecting Businesses


Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, says the policies of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for dollar transactions is affecting businesses in Nigeria and in a series of Tweets on Sunday She said it the way it should be said…

She tweeted….

“The state of the economy in Nigeria CBN REALLY NEEDS TO CONSIDER THE ORDINARY MAN IN NIGERIA! All the new restrictions on dollar deposits is affecting a lot of businesses. You don’t have enough dollars to even give legitimate business people for their imports ,why not find another solution. Poor man is getting POORER.

“Can you please create a balance for us CBN? While you have focused on truncating cash dollar deposits, the Cyclic nature of Money from rich to poor is making this country unbearable to live in.”

“Go to your local grocery store, whether na aboki shop or Supermarket and see that they CANNOT RESTOCK a lot of products once they run out. We do not produce any of these finished products even toothpaste. Your focus is money launderers but you are in turn worsening our economy dear CBN.

“So much bureaucracy in action and no one consciously trying to apply it to our reality! How long will your restriction on USD go on for? CBN DO BETTER,” .

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