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“Sincerely Want To Give My Life To Christ, But I’m Gay”- Twitter User Laments


An unidentified Twitter user is lamenting on how he wants to give his life to Christ but he’s gay.

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The debate of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersexual (LGBTQI+)is a very dicey and tricky topic in most African countries.

As most countries like Nigeria has stated it clearly in their laws that its prohibited and a crime to engage in same sex marriage, some countries like Ghana is yet to review its laws clearly on the position of the nation concerning the topic of LGBTQI+.

The Twitter user stated he really feels within his spirits to change and give his life to Christ for the better but his activities of being a ‘gay’ seems to be stopping him from giving his life to Christ like they way she wants it.

Sincerely want to give my life to Christ, but I’m gay

Check out some of the comments from users under the post;

He doesn’t care of your sexuality

Actually; He does…being gay is a sin according to the bible.

I think there’s nothing wrong being a gay. Unfortunately society and the bible makes people thing that they are evil in front of God…. Crazy world

Go ahead and give your life to christ. He loves you unconditionally and is already pleased with you.

Can I chop in.. God doesn’t want you perfect before running to him ,lol,he’ll make you perfect when you come to him. You grow into perfection in him,so you shouldn’t hold back.

Giving your life to Christ means doing the things Christ would do. Simply be good to people! Daz all

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