“Show Me A Prophet Who Has 100 Percent Record In Prophecy”- Emmanuel Badu Kobi Defends His Failed Prophecies-Video

In spite of the fact that he has humiliated himself by giving out uncalled-for prophecies that have all turned out to be incorrect, Prophet Badu Kobi is still out there brazenly defending his failure.

When one of Emmanuel Badu Kobi’s predictions came true, his reputation was severely damaged, and he found himself on the losing end of the losing streak.

The leader of the Glorious Wave Church International predicted that Brazil will win the just concluded Copa America, but Argentina ended up winning the tournament.

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The persistent Badu Kobi, instead of accepting defeat and moving on gracefully, went ahead and topped it off with another prophecy, this time predicting that England will defeat Italy at Wembley Stadium.

We all know how it turned up, and Badu Kobi has since been the target of online snark.

Prophet Badu Kobi was at his church on Sunday, justifying his failure to his devoted audience, as is customary for false prophets who are characterized by their lack of shame.

As far as he is concerned, every prophet worth his salt has a long list of failed prophecies to his or her credit since they are not God. He stated that if every prophecy comes true, then every member of the church would be successful in their endeavors.

He then went on to say that he has some kind of missing key’ that is inaccessible to us ordinary humans.

According to him, the fact that he made a prophecy about a vague event in South Africa that has come to pass presumably indicates that we should all disregard his credibility while performing backflips in the mud and that he should be ignored.

Unfortunately, Badu Kobi has said that he would not cease prophesying till the day he dies.

Watch the video below:

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