Shocking!! CCTV Captures Dangerous Moment Armed Robbers Stormed A Barbering Shop With Their Guns (Video) – Pinax News

A viral video chanced on by captures the shocking moment CCTV recorded the split seconds some armed robbers attacked a barbering shop.

The video which has since gone viral on social media captures two of the three robbers strolling into the barbering shop, while one assaulted a man standing outside and minding his own business.

The armed robber pointed a handgun at the man and walked him back into the shop while the robbery was ongoing.

In the video, the men could be seen plundering things into their boxer shorts as their casualties look on vulnerably.

One of the casualties declined to surrender his telephone and fairly engaged in a with a tussle with one of the armed robbers. After a few endeavors to save his property, he was attacked and the telephone was as yet taken from him.

Checkout the video below;