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Shock as lady tells guy he is her side boyfriend through a street quiz, Watch » GhBase•com™


A young man was in for an utter shock when his girlfriend told a content creator who was conducting an experiment on loyalty between a couple that he is her side boy. 

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The lady candidly stated that she has the main guy and that he’s just a periphery to her all this while without his knowledge.

This came to light after the YouTuber and podcaster interviewed the man and his girl on the streets in a bid to see if they are loyal to each other.

He then asked that they each look through their phones to find out if either is cheating on the other.

While going through the girl’s phone, they saw a name which he was not familiar with, so they put a call across to the person and he revealed that the lady is his girlfriend.

When the man being interviewed stated that he is dating her, she muddied the water by retorting; ”Who said I was dating you.”

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