“She Might Be Serious” -Social Media Users Reacts To Toke Makina Video Asking James Gardiner To Marry Her

Toke has reportedly been cast in a forthcoming Nollywood film that would also include several A-List Nigerian actors as well as a young, flavorful Ghanaian actor, according to the latest reports.

Toke says that James happened to run into her in the changing room and that he had a great time feasting his eyes on her delectable figure while she was changing.

Toke wants James to marry her in order to legitimize and ‘customize’ their meeting, and she also expects ten cows from him in exchange for this.

She said and as a caption,

James we are getting married. He stood there when i was changing my bra.

James then denied her accusation which made her continue to say that,

He wanted to see me naked. We had to kick him out of the room

Watch the video below:

See some comments below:


Deep down she might be serious lol


She’s using style to shoot her shot! Stop going through the corners toke 😂


I just like how open minded she is 😍


She’s not joking 


Deep down she wants the YES I WILL ….

Source: Ghgossip.com

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