Uche Ogbodo who was treated to a surprise baby shower over the weekend organized by colleague Nollywood actresses and friends took to her Instagram page and described her baby daddy as her armour and emphasized that she will choose him a million times if she is offered the chance to make a choice of a man.

Uche Ogbodo further recounted how she was abandoned and not care for her first baby daddy during her first pregnancy and that almost made her lose her sanity as she nearly ran mad and she appreciated Bobby Maris for showing her love and support.

She wrote:

Them no marry Me but them Support me and them Dey proud of Me . See Eeeh I choose this man A million times Over. He is My Armor @bobbymaris. Incase you guys don’t know, In my First Pregnancy I was Abandoned, Uncared for, Alone and Confused ,I almost ran Mad! So if you all can’t rejoice with me when I’m happy , then Too Hell with all of you.

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Reacting to her heartwarming message to her baby daddy, Nigerians alluded to the fact that she has found love and congratulated her.

See reactions below:

rossyflower1 wrote: Ever since she started dating this guy she has been glowing 😍 love a beautiful thing. Congrats to her

topman_tech wroye: Congratulations. She found love.

topman_tech wroye: Im ecstatic for her. Love knows no age. I wish them a happy home

ladynomsy wrote: Do whatever rocks your boat hunny, your happiness is key.

houseof_prints wrote: Your Happiness is all that matters… I wish you well Uche.

real_nachi_ wrote: I’m happy u find love and rest of mind that’s all that matters