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Shatta Wale Officially Expresses regret For Being Extremely Inconsistent With His FixTheCountry Thoughts


In the FixTheCountry rally last week, Shatta Wale hurled obscenities at Ghanaian youth asking that the government offer a better living environment in Ghana.

Protesters demanding justice for Kaaka and two other protesters slain at Ejura, as well as a request for the government to restore the nation, he called educated idiots and cheap thinking.

Among several comments on Facebook and Twitter, Shatta wale also referred to the young as “disappointed graduates” who are putting pressure on the government since they are unable to mend themselves.

The dancehall performer received harsh criticism from his followers and Ghanaians in general. He even lost a slew of fans who complained that they had spent their entire lives defending a jerk.

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We expected Shatta Wale to stay firm in his belief that what he stated was true and that he saw no cause to apologize, but he has once again demonstrated that his ideas are contradictory.

Shatta recently issued an apology on his Facebook page, claiming that his godfather Abass Sariki GIWA 1 persuaded him to do the right thing and settle the industry’s growing dust.

He stated that he has heeded the advice and would urge his fans to forgive him so that he can concentrate on his forthcoming record.

Shatta Wale wrote and as a caption,

“Today My Godfather Abass Sariki GIWA 1 has spoken to me like a father and son and I have taken his lovely advice . I will like to once again say sorry to the fans that never got to watch my LIVE video ,I love you all and get ready for the Journey ahead ❤️✊🔦👑🥂”


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