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Shatta Michy throws shade at Shatta Wale for ‘chewing’ her breasts and making them fall flat


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Shatta Michy has not seized taking swipes at her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Shatta Wale three years of going their separate ways.

In her latest jab to the dancehall artiste, Michy placed blame at the doorstep of her estranged lover for making her boobs fall flat by sucking it aggressively like a sachet of water.

In 2017, Michy was subjected to intense mockery on social media after a red carpet photo of her wearing a dress with a plunging neckline that showed her boobs popped up on the internet.

Her firm and standing breasts had abnormally sagged after giving birth to her son with the musician. They were tagged as ‘Olympus has fallen’ by trolls who did not consider her status as mother.

From there onward, she had always raised argument and debate about women’s breast.

In a self-recorded video shared to her Instagram page, Michy sought to advise men against mishandling the breast of their partners by literally “chewing” it as if their lives depend on it.

Using herself as a yardstick to demonstrate what overly-sucked boobs look like, Michy asked people to go and check her photos they’ll understand that she’s a walking evidence of men who suck boobs and make them flat.

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