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See Google’s Translation To Archipalago’s Tweet Shading Nana Addo


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Archipalago expressed how disappointed he is in the president for mismanaging the country that when in opposition, promised to make it better.

He posted a couple of videos and articles said by the then candidate Akufo-Addo chastising the then sitting president John Dramani Mahama and his government for managing the economy for badly.

The videos he posted includes the famous interview Nana Addo did on Accra based radio station Peace FM where he made the statement of Ghanaians living in a rich country but are poor.

In another tweet, the social media influencer jabbed in an Akan language suggesting Nana Addo has lost the ability to steer the affairs of the nation “Amanmuo no agye Akuffo Addo nsa mu!”. But Google’s translation to the tweet gave it a different meaning.

The translation by the tech giant suggests Archipalago was rather congratulating the president rather than its intended purpose of throwing shades at him.

Amanmuo no agye Akuffo Addo nsa mu!

See Google’s translation below;

The president has come under a lot of criticism today when most Ghanaians took to social media to bash he and his government for not doing enough in fixing the problems of the nation.

Top celebrity like Efia Odo is even ready to not only protest on social media but rather, take to the streets to let the government know that the people are suffering.

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