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Sammy Gyamfi Reveals Reason Why Excavators Belonging To NPP’s Kate Gyamfua Were Burnt.


The National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi has revealed some unconfirmed reasons as to why about 8 excavators belonging to the National Women’s Organizer of the ruling NPP, Gate Gyamfua, were burnt by ‘Operation Halt’ taskforce.

Sammy Gyamfi alleged that Mrs. Gyamfua’s excavators were burnt because of how she recently attacked a cousin of the president who is the Minister for Roads and Highway, Hon. Kwasi Amoako Atta.

The National Women’s Organizer recently called out and accused the Roads and Highway Minister of prioritizing some roads in the Eastern Region and neglecting some which equally need attention.

Her outburst, according to Sammy Gyamfi, angered persons in authority who are from the same tribe as President Akufo Addo and his cousin, the Road and High Minister, a reason “her wings are being clipped.”

Read below Sammy Gyamfi’s full post

Don’t think that the burning of excavators belonging to NPP’s National Women Organizer, Kate Gyamfuah stems from any genuine political will of President Akufo-Addo to fight NPP & government officials who are engaging in illegal mining. If that were the case, Ekow Ewusi and Charles Bissue would be facing criminal prosecutions by now.

There are a lot of NPP functionaries and government officials who are involved in “galamsey” in the Eastern region, particularly Akufo-Addo’s own hometown, Kyebi. These persons are known. Yet, none of them have had their equipment burnt like it has happened to Kate Gyamfuah.

The only reason why Kate Gyamfuah’s excavators and mining equipment have been burnt despite claims that she has the requisite large scale mining lease and permits, is because she recently attacked President Akufo-Addo’s cousin and Minister of roads, Kwasi Amoako Atta for exclusively prioritizing roads in the Kwabeng and Kyebi areas whiles neglecting roads in other parts of the Eastern Region and the country at large. It is this outburst of Kate Gyamfuah that appears to have angered Akufo-Addo’s kyebi mafia cabal, for which reason Kate’s wings are being clipped.

Don’t be fooled!

~ Sammy Gyamfi, NCO


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