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SA Man Homeless After Fake Sangoma Duped Him Into Selling His House


SA Man Homeless After Fake Sangoma Duped Him Into Selling His House Before Disappearing With His Money

Jeremiah Maseko (Photo Credit: Daily Sun)

A man from South Africa found himself clutching straws after a  fake sangoma duped him into selling his house and disappeared with all his money.

Jeremiah Maseko (55)  from Buhle Park, Ekurhuleni is now homeless after he sold his house for R260 000.

This comes after, a fake sangoma (name not supplied) scammed him into selling his house, and the money he got disappeared from the suitcase after taking it to the sangoma for cleansing.

Narrating his ordeal to the Daily Sun, Maseko said, his nightmare started when he felt pain in his leg in December.

Hoping to find healing for his painful leg, he went to the sangoma because he used to see his shack when passing by.

The sangoma apparently gave him something to drink and suggested a consultation.

During the consultation, the sangoma told him he was bewitched and bad things were following him. The sangoma also further told him that things were planted in his yard and they had to remove them. He advised him to buy white sugar and sell his house.

Maseko and the sangoma allegedly went back to his house where the sangoma sprinkled muthi in his yard and house and told him to keep the sugar sealed and move it from one cardboard to another for three days.

After three days the sangoma told him to bring the sugar.

When Maseko and his wife Dumukile Mkhize got there, the sangoma opened the sugar and to their shock, a lot of muthi allegedly came out and a voice called out Maseko’s name.

Maseko said the voice was allegedly that of his great-grandfather, telling him, he wanted to get him out of poverty.

The voice told him he had brought a suitcase full of money, which the sangoma gave him. Maseko revealed that the suitcase had R100 notes in it but the voice told him it was R4,5 million.

Maseko alleges the voice also told him that,  he didn’t want him to live in his house and advised him to sell it as there was a lot of witchcraft. He was also instructed to mix the sale money with the one in the suitcase.

Just like he was instructed, Maseko sold the house and took the money to the sangoma. He put it in the suitcase, locked it and the sangoma gave him the key and said he would call in the morning.

But when Maseko and Dumukile went to his shack the following day, to their horror the shack was no longer there.

Efforts to get in touch with the sangoma or the new homeowner were all in vain as they were nowhere to be found and all calls went to voicemail.

Captain Mavela Masondo said cops were investigating a case of fraud and have since launched a manhunt for the fake sangoma.

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