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Rwanda passes law requiring all pastors to have 1st Degree; bans worship outside official ‘church hours’


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The government of Rwanda led by African strongman Paul Kagame has passed a law that now requires all pastors in the country to have, at least, a bachelor degree in order to preach, with over 6,315 churches closed, has filed.

According to reports, as at July 5th 2018, the government of Rwanda proposed the new law which has now been passed and is operational.

The new law requires all pastors and preachers in Rwanda to hold a bachelor degree in theology.

The new law also says that as a servant of God after receiving God’s calling, you must also meet government of Rwanda’s requirements and “calling”.

Also, all forms praying and fellowship  outside an “approved” church building such as wilderness, deserted areas, sea shores, forests, caves, and worshiping by rivers is forever prohibited. Were this in Ghana, it would mean Ahwea mountains and Achimota forest prayer camps were banned.

There have been a series of meeting that took place between Rwanda officials and the clergy regarding church closures and regulations with both sides agreeing on the terms.

However, some church leaders (mostly in exile) have been criticizing the new law saying it is a great loss to the nation.

“This is a great loss to our once Christian nation — My beloved Rwanda has become a goat nation! Pastors on the ground tell us that the government is the one that determines the organization and functioning of the church 100%. The church was the last open space where people could meet and freely talk in private without the government interference. There is so much fear among believers that even when people visit at home, they are afraid to hold hands and pray lest they be accused of having church in their homes. This is after over 6,000 churches were closed!”, a local church coalition’s said in a statement sighted by

According to Rwanda’s Kagame newspaper Igihe, in a period of less than two months, a total of 6,315 churches have been closed across the country for not meeting government requirements.


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