Stonebwoy has opined that leaders have made living in Ghana unbearable even though most Ghanaians have nowhere else to go.

The dancehall artiste, who is one of the few BET award-winning Ghanaian stars made this submission when asked which of his songs best describes the state of his home country.

Citing his 2016 hit record ‘Run Go’, the BHIM Nation president explained how the lyrics of the track fit well with the current state where leaders are not being held accountable for their actions and inactions.

This comes after the ongoing #FixTheCountry social media movement where youths on various platforms have been asking the leaders to do something about the terrible state of the country.

While speaking an interview with South Africa-based Moziak Magazine as part of celebrating African music on AU Day Stonebwoy noted that leaders are not awake to the responsibilities that come with being in those positions.

According to him, they only want the enjoyment and none of the work.

He recalled the lyrics from his “Run go” track:

“Tell we where we gonna run go, After making our motherland a bitter place to live? Tell we where we gonna run go, Wen dem say we have to pay for the oxygen we breathe? Answer me now Mr big man. You no see everybody want to go run go up foreign no.”

“simple life is all we want to live. Give me food give me clothes give me love and give me shelter shelter. Simple life is all we want life. Give me food give me cloth give me love and give me shelter shelter”

Stonebwoy further disclosed that he was yet to release a book on his song “LE GBA GBE” and this year he will be on tours, release more music, books, films and podcasts, engage in humanitarian work and other projects which he will announce.

Even though he is currently in Cote d’Ivoire to resume his Africa media tour he joined a 5-member panel on TV to have an in-depth pan-Africa conversation to address issues affecting the continent.


source : soireenews

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