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Robbery On Highway Gone Wrong As Armed Robber Is Shot Dead Trying To Rob An Armed Driver (Video) – Pinax News


A viral video chanced on by captures the shocking moment an armed robber met his untimely passing after he decided to attack a driver just to rob him of his valuables.

The outfitted robber who along with his assistant was on a motorbike following a specific vehicle and evidently, it seems they have been following the man in the vehicle as a CCTV film that caught the entire scene uncovered.

The viral video which is currently making rounds on social media captures the moment one of the outfitted robbers got down from the motorbike and briskly strolled towards the vehicle, yet unconsciously, the man in the vehicle had a weapon in his ownership so in his bid to shield himself from a shocking event, he shot the robber amazingly and drove away rapidly.

The armed robber quickly tumbled to ground after the hit while his assistant who was riding the motorbike rode away leaving him to his own destiny.

Checkout the video below;

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