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Robbers shoot fuel attendant, injure another while on duty


A fuel pump attendant is in critical condition after armed robbers attacked her at Akyem Abenase in the Akyemansa district of the Eastern region.

The three armed men was said to have attacked the Glory Oil filling station in the area.

According to reports, the robbers had approached the facility under the pretext of purchasing fuel at about 8:pm on Thursday night.

The attendants, Faustina Ampomaa and Jennifer Sakyibea sustained various degrees of injury.

A co-worker, Doris Appiah who managed to escape told Adom News‘ Kwasi Azor that one her colleagues who sustained injuries were to Koforidua Hospital.

She said the armed robbers were shooting sporadically but could not make away with any money.

Police preliminary investigations revealed that, the first victim, Faustina was shot in the face when the robbers could not break the mental door.

The second victim, Jennifer was hit with a metal bar through the glass door leading to the cash room.

This not withstanding, Police said the thieves could not enter the room due to security features on the door.

Police has since launched a manhunt for the robbers.

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