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Read Your Bible And Stop Giving Men Of God Chance To Brainwash You-Moesha Boduong Reacts To Nigel Gaisie’s Comment On Alcohol – Pinax News


Recall that we reported that founder and leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie stated that if a man of God chases women and takes in alcohol he is not fake.

According to him everyoe has weaknesses.

He cited David in the Bible as a typical example whom despite being a drunkard and someone who chases women was a man after God’s heart.

Reacting to this from the man of God, surprised Moesha urged Ghanaians especially the youths to read their Bibles and stop allowing some men of God to brain wash them.

She hold the view that God is pure and would never tolerate any filthiness from his servant.

”Guys read the Bible and don’t allow these men of God brainwash you ❤️God is pure …”, the actress stated.

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