As the world advances, fewer efforts required of mankind to work. The existence of technology has made life very easy but the unfortunate thing is, engineers are now replacing human beings with machines which will turn to render mankind useless.

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In a video currently making rounds on social media, tweeps cannot believe that machines are replacing humans at a very fast rate as the latest invention hits the market.

A demonstration of a white robot wearing heels twerking around a pole was recorded as social media users react.

Customers were astounded when the robot, which had been constructed with feminine looks, whimpered her waist to music with a bent knee.

Clients have claimed that the robot is essentially a sexual stimulator with a concealed CCTV camera in its head, according to certain witnesses.

After the video went viral, many social media users have expressed their desire to own one of the inventions for personal usage.

Watch the video below:

See the reactions below:

Meanwhile, Ruthy of Nhyira FM has asserted that one of the reasons why Kwesi Arthur is struggling to make it hits as he uses to is because of the emergence of Kweku Flick.

She said that Kweku Flick is gradually snatching the fans of Kwesi Arthur with his craft as well as the heart of other music lovers.

She further stated that there have been situations whereby emerging artistes try to imitate their predecessors in the industry but most of them failed but for Kweku Flick, has managed to conquer Kwesi Arthur and won his fans.