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Rapper Shot In His Car While Doing Instagram Live Stream


Los Angeles-based rapper, Indian Red Boy, was ambushed and shot dead in front of horrified viewers while doing an Instagram Live chat.

The rapper, whose real name is Zerail Dijon Rivera, was sitting in a car doing the live stream with social media influencer, Kapone, when he was shot last Thursday, Hawthorne Police Department said.

Police responded to calls of a shooting at a gated apartment complex, where they found the 21-year-old slumped forward in the front seat of a car parked at the back of the building.

The rapper had multiple gunshot wounds to the head and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

In an unusual move, Hawthorne Police included a link to the Instagram Live video in their press release, in the hope that someone may be able to help identify who was involved.

The video captures at least 12 shots being fired, The Sun reports.

Indian Red Boy was shot while talking on Instagram Live. Credit: Indian RedBoy/Instagram

Rivera was talking to his friend Kapone online when the shots rang out.

Kapone can be heard saying, “What the f***? Bro, what the f***? Where you at?”

Rivera can then be seen saying “get help” before whispering, “I’m in Hawthorne.”

The camera then drops and the livestream ends.

“It appears to have been a walk-up shooting and he appears to have been targeted … he appears to be a gang member,” Hawthorne Police Lieutenant Ti Goetz said.

Fans of the rapper took to Twitter to express their shock at his death.

“I send my condolences to Indian Red Boy’s family, may God cover all of you,” one person wrote. “Y’all please remain vigilant… my condolences to his family and loved ones,” another fan wrote.

Kapone later posted a video of Rivera dancing and wrote: “LLINDIANREDD. I LOVE YOU GANKG.”

His Instagram account has since become private.

The rapper’s death appears to be gang-related, The Sun reports.

YouTube videos showed him allegedly vandalising a mural of MP Nipsey Hussle, who was affiliated with a rival gang.

However, an insider recently said that had nothing to do with his death.

On Tuesday, someone on Instagram claimed Indian Red Boy was shot because of girl drama and because he switched gangs, according to Hip Hop DX.


Source: Adomonline

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