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Quamina MP’s ‘impersonator’ dragged off stage at an event [Video]


It was a moment of bewilderment when an alleged impersonator of budding rapper Quamina MP was dragged off stage.

The lookalike, identified as Big Zee Pressure, joined D-Black on stage to perform one of his collaborations with Quamina MP titled Enjoyment Ministry.

Fans, who hitherto failed to notice he was merely a lookalike, cheered him on.

It did not take long for one of the bouncers to get wind of his act and he rushed to bundle him off the stage.

He was still in a jolly mood, exhibiting gestures identifiable to only the Amanfour Girls composer.


The energy at the event that took place at Kasoa did not go down as D Balck managed to divert attention to himself.

Watch the video below:

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