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Protect Religious Rights – NCCE


The National Commission of Civic Education of the Ashiaman Municipality has called on the religious bodies to familiarize themselves with the principles of the 1992 constitution to ensure the protection of religious rights.

Religious bodies are protected in the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana and religious leaders must therefore be aware of it.

At a District Women’s Ministry programme organized by Apostolic Church at Ashiaman Lebanon Zone Two, Mrs Gifty Agyeiwaa Badu, the NCCE Director of the Ashiaman Municipality said, and I quote, “We must all work in accordance to the constitution, leaders who abuse their members or followers in the name of religion can be arrested and charged. Religion or religious position is not a platform of authority to use to abuse o thers, we must operate according to the laws of the land.

She apprised the Apostolic church on the reasons why they have to familiarize themselves and respect the constitutional provision.

She further explained that those who drafted the 1992 constitution included a preamble that states: “The constitution of the Republic of Ghana, in the name of the Almighty God, we people of Ghana, in the exercise of our natural and inalienable rights to establish a framework of government which shall secure for ourselves and posterity the blessing of liberty, equality of opportunity and prosperity” and this shows they acknowledged God.

“In a spirit of friendship and peace with all peoples of the world: and solemn declaration and affirmation of our commitment to; Freedom, Justice,
probity, and accountability; the principle that all powers of Government spring from the sovereign Will of the people; the Principle of Universal Adult
Suffrage; the Rule of Law.

“The protection and preservation of fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms, Unity and Stability for our Nation, do hereby adopt and give to
ourselves this Constitution”.

She therefore urged religious leaders and their members to read both the bible and Constitution.


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