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Princess Shyngle Reveals Moesha’s Last Audio Message, Accuses Pastor Gabriel Of Moesha Current State


According to reports, Princess Shyngle, a renowned Ghanaian slay queen in the Moesha circle, has created a comprehensive list of celebrities who have come out with proof to support allegations that Pastor Gabriel Ibe is a phony.

Pastor Gabriel Ibe is a man of God who is credited with assisting actress and model Moesha Boduong in accepting God and becoming a Christian.

Cutie Juls, an Instagram blogger, exposed yesterday that Pastor Gabriel Ibe is a fraud. In an article published on the site, Gabriel is revealed to be a con artist and the sibling of Ghanaian model Victoria Michael, who was the one who connected Moesha to Gabriel.

Ayisha Modi, allegedly claimed that Moesha Boduong’s preacher had sent some demonic possession all the way from Nigeria to harm her.

She said that Pastor Gabriel Ibe had placed demonic spirits on Moesha and that he was now in charge of her life and making decisions for her.

Ayisha has sworn to go head to head with the Nigerian Pastor and Victoria Michael because they have come into contact with Moesha and have chosen to ruin her.

In an attempt to restore order, Pastor Gabriel’s sister, Victoria Michael, arrived to assure the public that the man of God is harmless and is instead assisting Moesha in her spiritual struggles.

She also stated that Pastor Gabriel Ibe did not persuade Moesha to give up her belongings and that Moesha chose to give her belongings away to the less fortunate in her community on her own initiative.

Pastor Gabriel Ibe’s brother, Princess Shyngle, thinks Victoria Michaels is lying in order to cover up a large fraud involving her.

In an interview with the Gambian actress, Moesha Boduong herself said that she had been forced to sell all of her possessions and donate them to the church.

Princess Shyngle supported her allegation with an audio recording of her most recent conversation with actress Moesha Boduong, in which the actress said that she was selling her assets in order to donate the proceeds to the church.

Watch the video below:


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