Amanda Jissih has accused Prince Bright of a grand deception.

The popular TV and radio presenter had claimed he was divorced when he met her.

In what has been a retaliation over the words of Prince Bright, whom she claims has been spreading lies about their relationship, she maintained that he even broke up with her for no apparent reasons to indicated that he was just toying with her.

Prince Bright of Buk Bak Fame, in an interview with Delay, had claimed that he and Amanda Jissih were not in any serious relationship.

According to him, the “relationship” ended because he was no longer interested as he is the type that doesn’t waste time on lost causes.

“If you once loved someone and you are no longer interested in a relationship with them. You are not supposed to go back and tell them to their face that you are not interested,” He noted.

Amanda Jissih has now claimed that the artiste is a pathological liar.

In her own account, they dated for years until she found him talking behind her back in multiple interviews about things that were true.

She revealed it wasn’t until 2020 that she found out about his lies, that he was married and even with a child at the time.

“We dated for years. I was really upset with him when he finally came back to Ghana and wouldn’t just shut up. I realized he was granting interviews here and there talking about me. I got really upset and asked him to keep my name off his mouth.”

“When I noticed some of the things he said on the Delay Show, especially, I got really angry. I called him again and told him that he was talking too much. I asked him whether I should also go ahead and spill whatever secrets I have about him.”

“It was until last year, 2020 that I found out that he was married whiles dating me. Immediately, I called his wife and apologized to her. His wife told me she knew it wasn’t my fault. She said she holds nothing against me. Bright never told me he was married. He made me aware that he was divorced even before we started dating,” she narrated.

She recalled that he even broke up with her in an awkward way, by leaving for the United States of America without informing her.

“He called me one day and told me he was going to the studio but ended up in a plane. He got to the United States before informing me that he had left Ghana. That wasn’t the first time he did that. It was then that I knew that everything was over. Bright broke up with me in an awkward way,” he maintained.

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