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Price of beer shoots up by over 30% across Ghana, patrons call on gov’t to ‘fix it’


Price of Club Beer, a popularly sought after alcoholic beverage has shot up by more than 30% in the past few days has filed. 

Beer is now joining the likes of Cement, call talktime, iron roads, fuel prices to rise over the past couple of weeks.’s regional correspondents speaking to various patrons of beer at some select locations in Accra, Cape Coast and  Kumasi revealed the price has gone up by over 30% nationwide as a bottle of beer that used to be Ghc6 is now selling at average of Ghc8. 

Some patrons of the various pubs who were unhappy about the increase in price told reporters they want government to fix the problem for beer to sell at its old price if not cheaper.

“The country is very hard and we cannot even booze in peace, this is where the government should pay attention to not the people demonstrating. As for us we won’t demonstrate, we just sit here and drink” one patron, Ayisi told

Several other patrons said there is the need for the government to ensure the “hardship in the system” is reduced drastically. 

The state has come under pressure following agitations by the #Fixthecountry campaigners calling the government to fix the problems of the country. 

The #FixtheCountry hashtag has dominated headlines in the past week. This is been advanced by disgruntled Ghanaians – mostly youth who says their leaders and government officials have failed them in developing the country.

This movement has gained support from all quarters of the political divide, led to a resolve for some protests on the streets of Accra on May 9 which the Ghana Police Service sought an injunction against. 


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