Organisations have been entreated to implement stiffer measures in dealing with sexually inappropriate behaviors at workplaces.

According to Media Personality, feminist and Real Estates Developer, Rasheeda Adams such behaviors make women unproductive.

She indicates that women’s rights have been overlooked by society to the extent that most men have normalised misogyny and sexual harassment towards women in the offices.

According to her, some men go to the extreme of fondling thighs, breasts and buttocks of women during work time by the doorway and view it as a normal practice.

Speaking on a panel discussion on “Women in leadership and politics, challenges and the way forward” on Bolgatanga based A1 Radio monitored by, the outspoken women rights activist said that there was the need for these sexual misbehaviours to be stopped in order for a convenient working environment.

” We need to stop normalising misogyny, stop sexually harassing women at workplaces.  If she is standing by the door and you are passing by, don’t hold her waist, say excuse me.  Because if a man was standing in the doorway and you were passing by, you will not dare touch him, you will say Akwasi please excuse, please Amadu excuse me . You will not hold Amadu’s shoulders and move him out of the door, you will not press press her thighs. People need to sexually inappropriate behaviour at workplaces to make women comfortable” She stated.