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Presidential Staffer Blasts Samson Anyenini For Saying Ghana Is A “Failed State”.


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A presidential staffer, Newton-Offei Abeeku has descended heavily on the host of JoyNews’ Newsfile program, Lawyer Samson Anyenini for describing Ghana as a failed state.

Samson Anyenini said today, May 22, 2021 on his show that Ghana has become a failed state under the current president, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo.

But for the presidential staffer, the comment made by Mr. Anyenini, whom he describes as unintelligent and “journalistic infidels”, is unfortunate and can’t be true.

In a social media post sighted by, the presidential staffer wrote: “Sampson Lardi Anyenini is claiming Nana Addo is “presiding a failed state”; but will shout “culture of silence”, when he comes under the microscope.

These are journalistic infediles with overbloated egos mounted on illusionist superiority complex and all-knowing charlatanism.”

“A functional independent State has the following 4 characteristics:

1. Defined and secured territory
2. A population
3. A government
4. Sovereignty

In other words, a failed State is the one where these afore-mentioned characteristics do not exist.

As such, branding Ghana as a “failed State” can only come from a crass ignoramus with an irreversibly degenerative cerebral atrophy,” the angry presidential staffer wrote in a separate post on his Facebook wall.


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