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Pregnant woman pours urine on husband over alleged cheating


A 30-year-old woman has ‘showered’ her husband with her urine, accusing him of cheating.

According to Afia Adjeiwaa, a neighbour complained of her husband’s advances at her two daughters.

She wanted her to prevail on her husband, Kofi Emmanuel, to stay clear of “destroying her family”.

Madam Adjeiwaa says when she confronted him on the issue, her husband cast insinuations about her pregnancy which angered her to pour urine on him.

The couple appeared on the Obra show on Nhyira FM to seek redress.

According to her, his wife was rather furious because he disciplined a step-daughter for bedwetting.

They got married in 2019 at Ejisu-Besease after her previous unsuccessful marriage.

Though she had two children in her previous marriage, her husband says he was not bothered and went ahead to marry her.

The man says he is angered because he has been told by her that he did not father their new born baby.

The two are hoping for a DNA test to settle their feud.


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