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Popular pastor makes interesting revelation about tithe, wealth


Nigerian Televangelist and General Overseer of the Power City International Ministry, Dr Abel Damina, has said that giving offerings and tithes does not guarantee richness.

According to him, tithing and offertory in church do not produce any reward on earth financially.

He made reference to the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, who has made it clear he does not believe in the church system, despite living a prophecy on how he would amass wealth.

The Televangelist asserted that God had already blessed his people and does not need a piece of the blessing for Him to be moved.

“How much are you going to give to God to bless you? God does not react to your giving. He blesses you before you knew about giving. God is the first giver and the best giver,” he stressed.

Dr Damina again corrected the notion that tithing is for multiplication, as he opines that such doctrines and gospel propounded by other denominations are fraudulent since they are not scriptural.

“With all the offerings people have been giving, why has God not multiplied them to be richer than Dangote? Something is wrong with their Gospel? It is fraudulent.”

According to him, one can increase his money and become rich through hard work and not necessarily giving to God.

He again warned people not to expect earthly returns as their giving rather translates into salvation of souls for eternal reward.

“The scriptures say, lay your treasures in heaven where no thief will steal from because that is where the reward will be. So don’t let anybody deceive you. God is not going to bless you for giving in Church,” he cautioned.

Dr Damina revealed that the reason he is committed to exposing teachings that have no scriptural basis is that he was once a victim.

“I am telling you because I preached it, that was what I was taught. I thought it was the truth until I sat down and looked at God again, and I understood God’s character and I looked at the word of God. I saw that the teaching is not correct. God gives to those who give and also to those who don’t give because he causes the rain to fall on the good and the bad. He set the sunshine on the evil and the good, that’s God. There is no variables nor a shadow of turning,” he said

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