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Popular Kumawwod Actress shares Photo of the alleged Snake Twene Jonas claims to be in Afia Schwarzenegger’s water – Pinax News


Popular controversial Social Media Activist Maame Ng3ng3 Broskoto, number 1 enemy of loud mouth and controversial Media personality Afia Schwarzenegger has dropped a Photo of a snake at the base of a bottle water and alleged that the water is from Afia Schwarzenegger’s water company.

Maame Ng3ng3 and Afia are known to be sworn enemies after they both had a little grudge in the past. The Photo which she shared on her Instagram page with the snake at the bottle of the water has since gone viral ever since she posted it.

Maame Ng3ng3 did this just to show her support to Twene Jonas since he now has a grudge against Afia Schwarzenegger. Twene Jonas while responding to Afia Schwarzenegger’s allegations that he is an illegal immigrant revealed that Afia is running a Demonic pure water business and that she has frogs and snakes vomiting the water for her production.

This forced Afia to drop a video of her consuming her own water to debunk Jonas’s rumors and get her Business running smoothly. He used shocking revealed that Afia uses that snake to snatch way the fortunes of her buyers.

The Photo on the Instagram page of Maame Ng3ng3 clearly looks edited but it has fast gone viral that it might cause a damaging effect to the business of Afia Schwarzenegger since Ng3ng3 alleged that the water is from Afia’s Business.

See the Photo below

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