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Poll Indicates Mahama Likely To Lose In 2024 – What Next For The NDC?


The greatest test of any political party is its ability to deal with change and disagreement. When a party faces such challenges, it has two choices: to wish it away and deny it is happening or to welcome the process as a gift of renewal, trusting it will come out stronger because of it. The NDC seems to be faced with just such a choice, and it may be forced to make tough decisions much earlier than most would have expected.

In recent months, several political surveys have been made public, data showing that Ghanaians wish to see a change in leadership within the NDC. They also indicated that should such a leadership change happen, the NDC would most likely win the 2024 elections against the two main NPP contenders, Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia and Hon. Alan John Kwadwo Kyerematen.

My News Ghana can now exclusively report that, according to a week-long poll with close to 1500 respondents, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor would be a likely alternative to John Mahama as flagbearer and Hon. Haruna Iddrisu would be his suggested Vice Presidential candidate. Dr. Duffuor was Minister of Finance under President John Atta Mills as well as the governor of the Bank of Ghana under President Rawlings, but since stepping back from political life he has focused mainly on the private sector.

Hon. Haruna Iddrisu currently serves as a minority leader and has previously held positions as Minister for Communications under President Mills, Employment and Labour relation and Minister for Trade and Industry, both under former President John Mahama. He has also been a member of parliament for Tamale South since January 2005.

The two suggested candidates have radically different personalities but, as sources suggest, they would complement each other well in what will surely be a tight presidential race.

Ghana will, in the coming years, be facing enormous challenges, many of them caused by the coronavirus pandemic, such as joblessness and a failing economy but also longer-standing problems like a massive distrust in public institutions, corruption, and public mismanagement.

There is reason to believe that the 2024 elections will be focused on the economy, assuming that the coronavirus pandemic has subsided by then, and if that is the case both parties will be wise to run candidates with solid economic credentials. If, as recent surveys and polls suggest, the public wants to see change within the NDC, the party would be wise to address that issue sooner rather than later to avoid a chaotic transition with just over a year until our NDC primaries.

If John Mahama wants to stand again, he will have to step up and make his voice heard and rally support around his leadership. If he instead chooses to step back and become a kingmaker, he would, following the death of President Rawlings, most likely be the new godfather of the NDC, providing invaluable support to the party and its leadership for years to come.


Source: MyNewsGhana.net

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