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Politicians from the North are selfish greedy people who don’t help younger northerners


A member of the Upper East Regional Communication team of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Wilson Dabou has said that politicians from Northern Ghana are wicked and self-centered individuals who hate to see potential in young politicians.

According to him, all they are good at is to make the younger ones their errand boys rather than give them platforms that will make them excel and draw out their potential and put them on a higher pedestel.

He made this known in a post shared on his Facebook page which was sighted by MyNewsGh.com.

Wilson Dabou said “The Northern Politician is wicked. Greedy. Self-centered. Inward feeling. They hate potentials and ambitions. You would never get better under them. You only remain relevant to their course and stay longer with them only when you remain an errand boy. Unfortunately the President seems to trust them more than God”.

It’s quite unclear what necessitated his comment but such sentiments have been expressed by several people in time past who believe that politicians from the Northern part of the country do not seek to develop people to take over from them.

They have been blamed for the lack of development in some parts of the North and have been called upon severally to have a change in their mindset.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/ 2021

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