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Policeman falls asleep while transporting suspect to station [Video]


A Nigerian policeman, who arrested a young man, fell asleep while taking him to the station.

A relative of the suspect took to his social media page with a video of what happened when his brother was arrested by the police.

As he shares the video, he wrote that the police arrested his brother in one of the states in Nigeria after allegedly extorting money from him.

In the video, it seemed that the young man stole shots of the Police while he entered a bar parlor to drink before proceeding to the police station.

On their way to the station, the policeman fell asleep in a yellow ‘Keke’ (Pragya) bus as they were being accompanied by others.

This has stirred up massive reactions from netizens.

“Later dem go go day disturb peaceful protesters mtcheew,” a netizen said.

Another said, “Na all this kind police I Dey like when nor get wahala. Them know waiting bring them come the job.”

“Exactly what we face here in Owarri, this rubbish is really getting out of hand.”

“Wahala too much for this country oh,” were some of the reactions from netizens.

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