Police officers who arrested a young man on the very day he turned 18 years organized a birthday party for him, saying “we can’t pass up a date like this”.

Although the young man could not celebrate his big day in freedom, police officers were satirically magnanimous enough to organise some for him while he was in custody.

The Brazilian young man was arrested for theft right on the day he was supposed to be celebrating his birthday.

According to Odditycentral.com, Paulo Rodrigo das Neves, from Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte region was arrested after being caught on camera stealing sound equipment and other parts from people’s cars.

At the unsolicited birthday party organized for him by the police which was filmed and shared online, the officers are heard singing for him “Happy Birthday” while serving cake and soda in his honor.

The officer who was filming the hilarious and humiliating event is heard saying “we can’t pass up a date like this”.

Two other officers at the 5th Civil Police Precinct of Macau helped set the table for the birthday boy Paulo who looked moody because of the mockery he was being subjected to.

Amidst a satirical ‘happy birthday song’ the police officers poured Coca-Cola and made Paulo himself cut a cake they bought for him and then served the second slice to his mother who was present.

The video of the embarrassing moment attracted a lot of reactions after it went viral on social.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s Military Police issued a statement later, saying it would conduct an investigation, adding that all police officers who participated in the mocking birthday party would face disciplinary action.

Watch Video Below:

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