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Our main priority is fires that are easily preventable – Fire Service


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Director of Public Relations for the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), ACFO Timothy Osafo Affum, has raised concerns over the numerous fire outbreaks experienced lately in the country.

According to him, one of the major problems of the Service was the incidents that could easily have been avoided if preventive measures were taken seriously.

“Our concern mainly has to do with the incident where a lot of these fires are preventable. That is our concern because once we keep on losing fire and related heat, fires will occur, but our concern has to do with the fires that are easily preventable which continues to occur year after year,” he said.

Speaking on Joy FM’s, Super Morning Show, Mr Affum lamented about the level of knowledge by most people concerning fire safety, adding that most people are unwilling to learn and practice these safety measures put in place by the service.

“You go on fire safety education and you don’t even have people to attend to you. You go to institutions, they only bring in the security personnel to be trained and that is how we behave towards fire safety issues and until we change our attitude I am sorry to say we are going to continue to experience such incidence,” he stressed.

He further pointed out that adequate exits at workplaces and homes will help in curbing the outbreaks of fire.

“One of the requirements is that you must have an adequate exit. So, the exit that you have within your premises is calculated based on the number of people that are supposed to occupy the premises,” Mr. Affum told Joy Fm.

“It depends on the number of people that are in the premises at a particular time,” he added.


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