President for the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) Angel Carbonu has said that henceforth, teachers will be focused on delivering on only their mandate which is teaching.

His comment comes after an Accra High Court ruled that Achimota School should admit two Rastafarian students who have been denied admission since March when they were posted by the Computer Placement System.

According to school, its updated rules and regulations do not allow for students to keep their hair and that if they will want to be admitted into he school they will have to cut their hair in accordance with the regulations of the school.

But an Accra High Court ruled in favour of the students who have been asked to be admitted.

Reacting to the ruling, Angel Carbonu indicated that since the court has ruled against the School, it’s an indication that teachers are now powerless because they cannot exercise their authority in school in order to put students to check.

He said “I don’t think we are going to lose a hair on this ruling. We raised concerns that let us obey school rules so if the court feels school rules are not necessary so be it. I don’t think teachers will lose a single hair on this. And let’s not limit this to just rasta, any form of hair should be allowed in school”.

“Now people can walk barefooted to school, those who want to wear batakari can wear batakari. Your duty is to teach Geography, your duty is to teach Maths. That is my understanding of the ruling.”

When asked that his interpretation of the ruling may be chaotic, he indicated that “that shouldn’t be my worry now, my worry is to obey the court ruling to the extent that it takes.

Source: 2021