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Opposition Leader’s Husband Spills Tea On Why Marriage Collapsed


I Found Used Condoms: Opposition Leader’s Husband Spills Tea On Why Marriage Collapsed


The estranged husband of opposition politician and founding leader of the Labour Economist and African Democrats (LEAD) party Linda Masarira has blown the lid on why their marriage failed so spectacularly. Masarira’s estranged husband Gilbert Kaingidza claimed that their marriage collapsed after only four months when he discovered used condoms under the pillow.

He claimed that the marriage was a ticking time bomb because Masarira was unfaithful and manipulative. He also claimed that the opposition leader is a violent alcoholic who was always spoiling for a fight.

Ironically, Kaingidza admits to assaulting Masarira but claims that she is the one who pushed him into hitting her. Speaking to online publication Zim Morning Post, Kaingidza said,

“In the four months we stayed together, there were always cases of infidelity, emotional abuse and alcoholism and her friends can bear witness.”

“On allegations of physical abuse, we only fought twice and I regret the incidences, the first one is when I had just come from my trip in South Africa when I saw a used condom filled with semen. Upon confronting her, she claimed that it belonged to our 15-year-old maid and I ended up losing my temper.”

Kaingidza also claimed that his ex is a raging alcoholic who would leave home for days at a time following any disagreements.

“Linda had a tendency of leaving our matrimonial home and went to God knows where and with whom for more than a week and I would always beg her to come home but she would not.

“If you confront her she would cry over abuse and leave home again and come back home drunk and uncontrollable.” Kaingidza said.

I Found Used Condoms: Opposition Leader's Husband Spills Tea On Why Marriage Collapsed
Linda Masarira, Aktivistin aus Simbabwe. (c) Andi Weiland | Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (CC by): I Found Used Condoms: Opposition Leader’s Husband Spills Tea On Why Marriage Collapsed


Masarira, on the other hand, was coy about confirming or denying the cheating allegations. Speaking on the alleged discovery of the used condom, Masarira said,

“Why didn’t he divorce me if he indeed saw that?”

She, however, accused Kaingidza of actively working to tarnish her image. She also said that she will continue with the divorce proceedings despite her estranged husband’s antics.

“From the time he fled Zimbabwe he went on a spree to tarnish my image and I am not disturbed by his continued rants and will not stop the divorce processes.”

Masarira and Kaingidza got married in 2019 following a whirlwind 2-month romance. Masarira even briefly moved to South Africa, where Kaingidza is based. However, the marriage collapsed in spectacular fashion after the two returned to Zimbabwe.

At one point Masarira dragged Kaingidza to court over allegations of domestic abuse. A few weeks later, Kaingidza went back to his first wife in South Africa, alleging that Masarira was trying to have him killed or arrested. He claimed that he had illegally crossed into South Africa, through “border jumping,” after Masarira allegedly refused to give him back his passports and other valuable documents.


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