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Obaapa Christy is paying people to tarnish my image – Pastor Love claims


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Pastor Love, the ex-husband of gospel musician Obaapa Christy, has fingered his estranged wife for his woes in life. He believes that his failed marriage has brought bad luck in his life.

“The people behind these issues about me come from people in my ex-wife’s camp. All those who have come out to criticise and tarnish my image are from my ex-wife’s camp.

“Recently, Captain Smart insulted me. The next day he’s having a sit down with my ex-wife.”

Currently, Pastor Love is trending in the news for allegedly snatching a white woman from her Ghanaian husband. According to Pastor Love, the rumours are false and targeted at him out of malice.

“It is either my ex-wife is paying them to tarnish my image or they are doing it because they are in her camp. What I want my loved ones to know is that all my troubles are from that marriage. So when you hear something bad about me, don’t believe it.”

Pastor Love also sent a message to Obaapa Christy. “Someone’s wife is an abomination. Christy, if you are the one doing these things, stop because we have children together. If I am destroyed, you and your children are also destroyed.”


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