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NPP not interested in winning 2024 elections


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Political Science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Prof. Ransford Gyampo is of the view that the governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) is not interested in winning the 2024 election despite launching the agenda ‘Break the 8’.

According to him, the sense of urgency with which the party approached governance in their first term is not the same with what is currently happening.

To him, the President in his first term approached governance with all seriousness by forming his government in a record time indicating that he means business but to date, his government for the second term has not been formed.

“In the first 100 days of the first term of President Akufo Addo’s government, there was zeal. There were palpable initiatives that could tangibly be reported and determination to govern. However, the same cannot be said about the current first 100 days. Apart from the zeal of the Greater Accra Regional Minister to make Accra work again and the recent stakeholder event to discuss the menace of illegal mining, it appears that government has hit the ground not running but sleeping,” he said in a post shared on Facebook.

Adding that “Deputy ministers who were only recently appointed are yet to be vetted. MMDCEs are yet to be apppinted and dissolved governing boards and councils are yet to be reconstituted. But in his previous term, the President constituted his government in a record time and indicated that he was in a hurry to deliver”.

He questioned “Is the NPP Government no longer interested in the 2024 elections? The sense of urgency that characterized President Akufo Addo’s first 100 years in his first term, appears lacking in his second term. Unfortunately, typical of this particular NPP government, there is no attempt to communicate the reasons for such slow pace and delay in hitting the ground running. To improve the quality of governance, we must ensure that there is no difference between first term zeal and second term zeal”.

Indicating that “There is a growing perception by some Ghanaians and some top echelons within the ruling party that suggests that the present slow pace of government is largely as a result of the fact that the President isn’t eligible to contest the next election. This position may not be accurate.. But suffice it to say that governance of a developing country like Ghana, must be shaped more by the plight of the people, and less by the eligibility of Presidents to contest future elections”.

Source: 2021

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