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NPP activists subjecting you to strict proof is no culture of silence


Activist of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Asawase constituency Mustapha Hameed has taken on freelance journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni over claims of culture of silence, saying the journalist suffers a delusional sense of relevance that makes him think his works are above criticisms.

According to Mr. Hameed in a post sighted by NPP activists speaking back to Manasseh Azure Awuni cannot be culture of silence as the journalist is on record to have compared a whole Inspector General of Police to a castrated pig.

He opined that Manasseh Azure’s claim of culture of silence if “fictitious amd phantom”.

“A man who is comfortable enough to insult the IGP, likening the head of police to a castrated pig shouldn’t be talking about a fictitious culture of silence. That phantom culture of silence only exists in the minds of people like Manasseh and others with a rather delusional sense of relevance, that they are at liberty to form opinions on whatever topic but it is an act sacrilegious, that commoners like us, hold contrary opinions to their opinions.” He wrote. “Or when they speak, we must listen and come groveling at their feet, and any attempt to speak back tantamount to an infringement on their rights as journalists or ‘concerned citizens’” he added.

In the opinion of the NPP activist, no Ghanaian has abused politicians and political activist than Manasseh.

No singular person in this country has abused politicians and political activists like Manasseh, like I said, he even likened a whole Inspector General of Police to a pig! The IGP did not complain, yet, Manasseh goes ahead to complain that he’s being gagged when he still remains the most vocal critic of this government and the most opinionated Ghanaian”.

Read the rest of his opinion piece below:

Probably the naked insults on the IGP that came without any repercussion wasn’t enough, that exercise of abusive free speech isn’t enough, probably the state must get him a whip to physically abuse leaders and politicians he doesn’t agree with, then maybe, he’d actually feel the free speech.

“The belief that there is a prevailing culture of silence because others speak back when Manasseh speaks, trying to forcefully gag others is in actual fact, an attempt to impose a culture of silence.

That culture of silence is non-existent, at least, not under any of our recent regimes. It is a fictitious, it is a figment of Manasseh’s imagination and as bogus as his militia documentary. Let people like Manasseh speak, one thing we can however assure him and others of his ilk, is that, we will speak back. If that is imposing a culture of silence, let the culture remain.


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