Klarah Kay firmly believes that females in the music industry are significantly at a disadvantage when compared to the male counterparts.

Per her estimation, the industry has afforded male artists all the opportunities they need while giving little or no opportunities to females.

Th upset dancehall artiste went further to claim that females aren’t given chances based on their talents, suggesting that most females who make in the industry do so by sleeping around with key industry players.

Men don’t have to sleep around to grow in the industry since they judge them based on talent, so why should women.

“We’ve not gotten the chance yet because there are so many female underground artists whom I know will do so well if given the chance”,

“We all know how hard the Ghanaian music industry is especially for ladies. In Ghana here they don’t give female artists a chance to grow”.

This she said in an interview with Foster Romanus on e.TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show.

Highlighting the numerous challenges female face, she explained that most people assume it’s easy for ladies to make it into the industry than men but the men in fact have it easier.

“One producer I spoke to was like they don’t give the female artists a chance because they don’t know how to write their own songs”.

“even in one of Rihanna’s interviews, she mentioned that she doesn’t write any of her songs how about that?”

According to her, a lot of female artists are being forced to hide their potential because they are of the view that they will not be accepted.


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