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No better placed person to lead NDC in 2024 than John Mahama


Bridget Otoo has said that currently, there s no better placed person to lead the National Democratic Congress than John Dramani Mahama.

There have been calls on the NDC to change its flagbearer if the party wants to win power in 2024. Several surveys have suggested that John Dramani Mahama’s exit will do the party a wealth of good in 2024.

But Bridget Otoo believes that there is no better placed a candidate who has been well groomed to take up that mantle in the NDC than John Dramani Mahama.

Speaking on Accra-based Starr FM in an interview, Bridget indicated that she will in the coming days start a hashtag to bring back the former President lead the NDC in 2024.

She noted that but the system, John Dramani Mahama nearly came back to power in 2020 to make things better.

“I’m going to start a hashtag #bringbackmahama…Why not, currently who better? We haven’t groomed anybody and I hope the person really shines from now to 2024 but at this very moment with his experience, and I think he wants to sort of redeem himself. John Mahama rebranded himself very well in 2020 and it worked. This time around, they took the troll factory very seriously by the time they took them seriously in 2016 it was too late for the NDC but now they don’t joke with them,” she said.

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