Nigerian Men Are Headaches – Huddah Monroe Shares Her Opinion About The Numerous Men She Dated

Kenya socialite Huddah Monroe has shared her opinion about the numerous men she has dated and has claimed that Nigerian men are just for enjoyment and not to settle down with.

Huddah Monroe claims she has dated almost all the races in the world and has concluded that Nigerian men are only good for enjoyment but not marriage as one only marries a Nigerian man if she wants to die young.

According to Huddah Monroe, she has dated almost all the races in the world for experiments even Chinese and Indian men aren’t exempted and she knows Asians for sure but that is not her cup of tea but in the black community, Nigerian men are a headache.

Huddah Monroe disclosed that Nigerian men aren’t bad for enjoyment but not to settle with unless the lady in question wants to die young as life is about choices and Kenyan men can be too stingy and she loves spending money hence they are out of her league.

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But the French speaking black men treat their women like queen and that is what Huddah Monre wants and she has finally settled for a particular race after dating almost all the race for experiments just to see the type of men that she could be going out with.

Huddah Monroe’s post doesn’t reveal whether she slept with all the race of men she dated to know their performance in bed but we guess she would have slept with some of them at some point in time which doesn’t speak well about her.

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