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Newly Wed Falls To His Death After Wife Almost Caught Him Having Thre3some


Newlywed Brazilian singer MC Kevin fell to his death from a hotel balcony after panicking that his wife was about to catch him having a threesome with a model and pal, it is claimed.

According to Extra Globo, that model – Bianca Domingues, 26, said she met MC Kevin, 23, and his singer friend Victor Fontenelle outside the Brisa Barra Hotel in Rio De Janeiro. Domingues said she was then invited to the popular singer’s suite Sunday evening.

Domingues and Fontenelle told authorities that MC Kevin, whose real name is Kevin Nascimento Bueno, was afraid that his wife, criminal lawyer Deolane Bezerra, 33, would show up at the hotel room and catch him cheating on her.

The singer and Bezerra had gotten married just three weeks earlier with a lavish bash in Tulum, Mexico.

Moments after the wedding, MC Kevin and Domingues stepped out to the balcony of room 502 after an individual later identified as his friend came knocking.

Police testimony showed that Bezerra, who was staying in room 1302, had been searching for MC Kevin after he had failed to pick up her phone calls and reply to her text messages.

MC Kevin subsequently tried to jump to the balcony located in the room below, but lost his footing and plunged five floors, landing by the side of a swimming pool.

Video recorded by guests at Barra de Tijuca beach hotel shows three people standing next to MC Kevin, who was lying on top of marble slab. One of the men says in Portuguese, ‘(He) is breathing, call the ambulance.”

MC Kevin was rushed to Miguel Couto Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Sources told Metropoles that MC Kevin suffered two heart attacks inside the ambulance before reaching the medical facility.

Domingues, who met with cops Monday, said MC Kevin “believed that his wife was at the bedroom door, he was scared and tried to leave.”

Domingues and Bezerra reportedly exchanged punches and had to separated by cops at the precinct after the tragedy.

The newspaper also reported that Domingues had previously posed nude for a magazine and worked as an escort girl.

Brazilian online news portal G1 reported Tuesday that the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police confiscated six phones belonging to the late singer, Fontenelle, Domingues, Bezerra and another person who was not named.

MC Kevin was in Rio de Janeiro performing at a clandestine party Saturday night and reportedly had an argument with Bezerra.

MC Kevin was laid to rest Tuesday morning at Parque dos Pinheiros Cemetery in São Paulo.


Source: Adomonline

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