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Never allow your sister and Mum to stay with you and your wife after Marriage


Ghanaian Actor Kwaku Manu has given a piece of advise to couples. According to him, Its not advisable for people to allow their sisters or Mother to stay with them after Marriage.

He claim a lot of unnecessary Problems will shot up if they stay with families after they get married. In an Interview, he stressed on the fact that it would be a mistake if people take such a decision.

He claim these family Members will be capable of ruining their marriage if they are not careful. He further revealed that its only a few families that can support support their in laws who are staying in their family house.

He also added that Sisters Living in their brothers and sister in laws house could report whatever takes places at the house back to her mother.

He further advised Men to build or rent a house for their families if they have the means to.



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