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My husband has starved me of sex for four years; says he’s charging his manhood


Shocking as it may sound, a married man has starved his wife of sex for four years because he claims to be charging his manhood.

According to the worried wife, after she got pregnant, her husband refused to sleep with her but that was not a bother because some men find difficulty in sleeping with pregnant women.

However, after she gave birth, the situation has remained the same even though her husband decided to undergo the marriage rites to make her his wife legally.

She says she has tried severally but her husband has refused to sleep with her four years after having their last baby.

When asked what the reason was the woman said “anytime I ask my husband why he does not want to sleep with me, he tells me to take time. He says he has sent his manhood to be charged and that when it’s fully charged he will start sleeping with me again”.

Source: 2021

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