The young lady confided in the popular Ghanaian relationship coach, Abena Manokekame and her post has generated some debate on social media.

According to the lady, she is staying with her fiancee and aside from the money this guy gives her to prepare food, he doesn’t give her any money even to buy clothes.

She added that the guy did an awkward thing to her and she has made up her mind to leave the relationship for good.

She stated that she has been saving in her own small way, however, this guy has squandered the money and as if that is not enough, he has also transferred the money she had on her mobile money wallet to another lady.

The post reads;

Hello aunty Abena, good day. I have a problem and I need an advice. Am leaving with my boyfriend in a same room. He hardly gives me money apart from the money he will give to me to prepare food. Two week ago, I found out that my money box is lost, so I called him on phone if he has seen it but he said no. So I was a bit confused because how can someone from outside comes to my room to steal it. 3 days later he told me he took it and he has used the money in it. That wasn’t enough, he took my phone when I was alseep to send all the money in my momo account to a certain number, I asked him and he said he doesn’t even know my pin so how can he get into my account. Later, I got the information from mtn.
I mean the number it was sent to and I called the person and she confirmed that my boyfriend sent her money through my number. Aunty I have asked him to give me money but it seems he doesn’t care so am planning to move out but I will take something valuable from his room and leave. Is it advisable to do that or what should I do. Anonymous pls”