“My Dead Mother Has Been Disturbing Me In My Dreams” – Veteran Actor, Victor Osuagwu Cries Out [Video]

In a recent revelation, veteran Nigerian actor, Victor Osuagwu stated that his late mother has been reappearing in his dreams, requesting a reburial.

This comes after Obi Cubana held a spectacular funeral ceremony in Oba, Anambra state, in honor of his late mother over the weekend.

Victor Osuagwu, on the other hand, stated in his testimony that he does not have any funds for reburial because he is not Obi Cubana.

He said that his mother never left a significant sum in her will, therefore she shouldn’t request a reburial.

“Which kind trouble be this na. Since Obi Cubana bury in mama, na so I dey see my mama for dream. If I close my eyes, my mama go appear for dream dey shout say make I do reburial for am. Where I wan get money wey I go take do reburial. I be Obi Cubana?

You sent me to go into the world and misbehave. Since you died, I have been misbehaving……,” he said.