Murderers must be given death sentences

Member of Parliament(MP) for Obuasi West constituency Kwaku Kwarteng has advocated for capital punishment for people who commit murder.

According to him, in recent times, there have been several stories of people committing murder indiscriminately.

Therefore, sentencing such people to death will be one of the best ways to ensure that the menace is fast creeping into the system in Ghana.

The Member of Parliament who made this known in an engagement he had on his Facebook page asked β€œIS IT NOT TIME TO START APPLYING CAPITAL PUNISHMENT? Increasingly, we are seeing ordinary people, including teenagers, feel bold to take the lives of other human beings.

The laws of Ghana permit the state, after due process, to take the lives of people who take the lives of others. Is it not time we started applying this capital punishment? Should people who are convicted by our courts to have consciously taken the lives of other people be allowed to keep their own lives?”

In recent times Ghana has recorded several murder cases including the recent one that happened at Kasoa in the Central Region where two teenagers killed their friend in order to use him for money rituals.

Source: 2021