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Mother From Hell Sanctions Daughter’s Murder So She Could Get Married


Mother From Hell Sanctions Daughter’s Murder So She Could Get Married

They say desperate situations call for desperate measures, but a  desperate Chipinge woman went too far after she sanctioned her daughter’s murder.

Desperate to become husband and wife, Langton Sithole (30) of Charurwa Village and Violet Chabvukwa (36) of Chikwanda Village under Chief Mutema connived to murder Chabvukwa’s daughter (4) from her previous marriage.

The two lovebirds were arrested for the murder of Blessing Mabhejo Manica Post reports.

Last week, they appeared before Chipinge magistrate, Elizabeth Hanzi facing murder charges.

They were not asked to plead but remanded in custody to June 17.

Allegations are that Sithole and Chabvukwa were about to settle down as a couple, but the former’s family refused to bless their union due to the child Chabvukwa had from her previous marriage.

The court heard that on May 30 Sithole and Chabvukwa connived to kill  Blessing.

The lovers reportedly took the girl to a nearby dam where they to planned to murder her. While at the dam wall, Sithole pinned the girl to the ground and went on to take an empty peanut butter container which he used to cover both the nose and the mouth of the now-deceased until she suffocated and passed away.

After accomplishing their mission, Sithole removed the girl’s top garment and placed her body on the banks of the dam before going away.

The lovebirds reportedly sought to conceal evidence by faking a drowning accident.

However, police detectives led by Detective Assistant Inspector Emmerson Ziki, Detective Sergeant Kasora, and Detective Sergeant Antonio received a tip-off and attended the crime scene.

They discovered that only half of Blessing’s body was submerged in water, an indication that there was foul play.

Investigations led to Sithole and Chabvukwa’s arrest.

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